Transnational partner meeting takes place in San Sebastian


Transnational partner meeting takes place in San Sebastian

February 13, 2018 eurosteam

On the 8th of March partners of the EuroSTEAM project once again met up to discuss progress within the project and speak about upcoming actions. This time around the meeting was hosted by Tknika members Jon and Bittor. The venue for the meeting was the Tknika quarters in San Sebastian.

On the first day of the meeting partners began discussions on the progress of the STEAM camps which are currently being delivered across 6 regions of Europe. Partners commented that the camps are going well and are being received excellently by the students and teachers of our collaborative schools within each region. Further work will be taking place on the camps within the upcoming months to prepare them for sharing to all educational establishments throughout Europe.

In the evening time, partners were given a unique culinary experience in Irigoien Ciderhouse in Astigaragga. Throughout the evening partners had some great food and tasted some of the local cider that has been produced in the ciderhouse. The evening shared a lot of the traditions and culture of the region and it is safe to say all partners had an enjoyable time.

On the 2nd day of the meeting, partners once again met up to discuss the remaining aspects of the project. In this morning, upcoming tasks and main actions from the project have been established and many of these actions will be visible throughout the upcoming months.

The next partner meeting will take place in Lisbon with a date to be finalized by partners.

Keep an eye on our social media page for more news and updates on EuroSTEAM.

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