EuroSTEAM project at ETEN Annual Conference


EuroSTEAM project at ETEN Annual Conference

April 18, 2018 eurosteam

Between the 22nd and 24th of march, the Annual Conference of ETEN took place at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The European Teacher Education Network (ETEN) is a diverse network of educators from nearly 20 countries. The mission of ETEN is to promote cooperation, exchange, research and publication for universities and institutions engaged in education. ETEN was founded in 1988 and teacher educators and researchers from 50 different institutes of 20 countries all over the world have joined the network.

The theme of this year conference was “Diversity as Resource” and many organizations from different countries came to it and the attendees had the opportunity to participate in different workshops and sessions. One of the workshops¬†was led by Nerea Lopez Salas.¬†Nera participated as a guide or tutor in the trial of CAMP 1 that took place in Lizardi Secondary Institute (Zarautz, Basque Country). She explained the EuroSTEAM project, her experience at the trial and next steps to be taken before the end of the project.

It is great to share the details on the EuroSTEAM project within such a strong network of educators and we look forward to releasing our final materials in the next year so that these can be used by educators throughout Europe.

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