Monthly Archives: March 2019


Explora Hosts the first EuroSTEAM event – March 18th

18th of March will see the first Multiplier event from the EuroSTEAM Project take place in Rome. The event will be hosted by Explora Children’s Museum and will celebrate¬†all things ‘STEAM’¬†while demonstrating the 3 Intellectual outputs from the EuroSTEAM project.

On the day, we will also hear view from STEAM professionals about their opinion of the STEAM subjects and how we can use STEAM within education for more substantial outcomes. For more information on the event itself, please contact You can find the event schedule here:



steam day_ leaflet eng

At the event, all partners from the project will come together to showcase the work and will follow with a collaboration meeting on the 19th of March, also based at Explora, Rome.


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