Monthly Archives: September 2018


Transnational project meeting held in Lisbon

During the 10th and 11th of September, partners of the EuroSTEAM consortium met once again to share their progress of the project with each other. This time the venue for the meeting was Lisbon, Portugal and with the temperatures reaching 30 degrees it was a perfect destination for a post Summer meeting.

Our meeting was hosted by the fantastic staff at ETIC, the building was a great venue for a creative project such as EuroSTEAM. On the second day of the meeting partners had the opportunity to tour the building and see all of the various resources and technology which they use within their lessons to provide the students with most creative experiences within their education.

During the meeting, partners had the opportunity to discuss the various work packages and intellectual outputs associated with the project. It was clear during the meeting that the project has been progressing well and that all outputs are in a positive position to make an impact throughout Europe within the next year. The focus of these meeting has now shifted onto the 3rd intellectual output which is the online toolkit, a website which has been developed to share the outcomes of the project and to provide the camp resources to educators across Europe.

Now we have entered the final year of the EuroSTEAM project and during this year we will be revealing all of the work completed by our partners. Throughout the year we will have 3 events to disseminate the results, with the first of these events taking place in March 2019 in Explora Museum, Rome.

If you wish to hear more about the upcoming events or would like to join us at these events, please contact


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